• What is Invictus: Lost Soul?

    “It is a free-to-play card-based real-time action fighting game, built with AAA graphics for the mobile. The game uniquely combines the mechanics of fighting RPG and card-games, creating an unprecedented game dynamic.

    Main features
    – Real time PvP Battles
    – Journey Through Six Different Realms in Story Mode
    – Equip from over 200 Unique armors and Weapons
    – Bulid a Deck from over 90 Cards used for Attack/Defense/Support
    – Create/Join a Clan to fight against others in Clan Tournaments”

  • Is it free to play?

    The application is free to download and play.
    *It contains in-game purchase items available.
    *Networking service fees for app download and gameplay shall be paid by the customers.

  • Where can I download the game?

    ・For iOS/Android users
    Please download from App Store / Google Play.

  • Which countries are the game available?

    Worldwide EXCLUDING the following regions:
    China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Republic of Korea, Iran, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Israel Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and India.

  • What are the required device specifications to play the game?

    You may play with smart phones and tablet computers that operate off iOS and Android OS.

    Minimum specifications are:
    ・iPhone 6S or above (iOS 10 or above)
    ・Android 4.4 or above, device storage of 2GB and above
    ・Memory: 2GB and above

    Recommended specifications are:
    ・iPhone 8 or above (iOS 13 or above)
    ・Android 8 or above, device storage of 4GB and above
    ・Device Memory: 4GB and above

    *Apple sign-in requires iOS 13 or above.
    *The above minimal specifications and performance may vary depending on each device model.

  • Is there any difference between Andorid and iOS versions?

    There is no difference.
    You may enjoy the same fun of the game on either Android or iOS devices.

  • How can I follow up with the latest news about INVICTUS: Lost Soul?

    To get yourself updated to the latest news, you’re more than welcome to follow us on our social media channels, including:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InvictusLostSoul/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Invictus_EN
    And Youtube Channel! Link

    Exclusive events may also be held on these channels from time to time!

  • How to play the game?

    There are various game modes for players to delve into, including:

    Story mode: Enjoy the original story and cutscenes of INVICTUS.
    PvP mode: Compete with real players from around the world.
    Tournament: Fight against the others with your clan members and earn top prizes.
    Boss Fight: Battle the fiercest boss-level enemies together with your clan.

    and other modes also await.
    You may also collect a variety of awesome-looking armor skins that you can showcase to your friends and the opponents.

  • How to get stronger in the game?

    To obtain a higher power in the game, you may collect strong equipment, skill cards and upgrade them. Build your own card decks that are advantageous to you and defeat the opponents with your skills. Get more resources from the daily login bonus, achievement, story rewards, and Shop etc., and get ready for the battles!

  • How do I achieve a higher RANK?

    You may play more PvP battles to increase your Rank Points and rank up.

  • What is a clan?

    Clan is a group created by a leader, where other players may request to join.
    Clan members are able to enjoy features such as chat, card donation and limited events like Tournament and Boss Fight.

  • What does each Clan Role mean?

    Each clan role has different access to perform certain actions within a clan. Please see below.

    – Use clan chat
    – Leave clan

    – Accept and decline requests to join the clan
    – Kick out clan Members

    Chief Advisor
    – Accept and decline requests to join the clan
    – Promote Member to Advisor
    – Demote Advisor
    – Kick out clan Members and Advisor
    – Change clan settings

    – Accept and decline requests to join the clan
    – Promote and demote Advisor
    – Promote and demote Chief Advisor
    – Kick out clan Members, Advisor and Chief Advisor
    – Promote a Chief Advisor to a Leader (In doing this, they will demote themselves from Leader to Chief Advisor. There can only be 1 leader in a clan)
    – Change clan settings

  • What is clan tournament?

    Clan tournament is a periodical event where all the clans can compete against one another. Although each participating clan will receive a reward, the tournament awards the top clans with its most prestigious prizes.

  • What is Boss Fight?

    Boss Fight is a time-limited clan event that has you face powerful bosses that are not easily bested.

    It’s very likely you won’t defeat this boss in a single battle, so what’s important is the damage you deal in battle and the total damage your whole clan inflicts. It is then imperative for your whole clan to engage in battles and eventually defeat those powerful bosses. You may only battle for a limited number of times per day, although you may choose to recharge your Battle Times using Gemstones.

    The boss will eventually return with more power, stronger tactics and better rewards, so make sure you and your clan mates keep fighting for the highest score and top prizes. After Boss Fight ends, rewards will only be available to claim within a certain period of time.

  • What is Rarity?

    It is the rarity of weapons/armors/cards, and the order of rarity is Legendary > Epic > Rare > Common.

  • What is Artifact?

    Artifact is the in-game treasure box that contains a random set of items when you open it. You may obtain an Artifact from completing Quests, monthly login, Season Pass, etc., and you can also purchase them from Shop.

  • What is Season Pass?

    Season Pass is available only for a limited period of time. You may purchase Season Pass to unlock an extra tier and get extra rewards such as Gemstones, Gold, and exclusive skins and equipment.

  • What does the Shard do?

    Shards are precious materials that can be used when you perform Limit Break for your equipments.

  • What is Limit Break? What are the Perks?

    When the equipment meets specific level requirements, you may use Shards to “Limit Break” on the equipment page, and increases the equipment stats.

    Requirement for each Limit Break level are as below.
    * Limit break +1 (first time): Equipment of level 30 and 1 equipment
    * Limit break +2 (second time): Equipment of level 35 and 1 equipment
    * Limit break +3 (third time): Equipment of level 40 and 2 equipment
    * Limit break +4 (fourth time): Equipment of level 45 and 2 equipment
    * Limit break +5 (fifth time): Equipment of level 50 and 3 equipment

    Depending on the rarity of equipment, the amount of available Limit Breaks also varies.
    – Legendary: Maximum 5 times
    – Epic: Maximum 4 times
    – Rare: Maximum 3 times
    – Common: No Limit Break

    When you limit break a piece of equipment, you have a chance to receive Perks, which add further abilities to your equipment.
    The chances of getting a Perk depends on Equipment Rarity:
    – Legendary: 35%
    – Epic: 45%
    – Rare: 55%

    Pieces of equipment with existing Perks will not gain new ones.

  • What is Bonus EXP/GOLD event? When does it take place?

    A BONUS event refers to a certain limited period when players can earn more Gold or EXP in the game. There are currently 2 types of BONUS events, including EXP 2X and Gold 2X.

    – BONUS EXP: Players can earn more EXP from QUESTS and STORY.
    – BONUS GOLD: Players can earn more GOLD when winning PVP battles.

    BONUS events usually last for a short period of time, and they may recur every month. Do keep an eye and grab the chance when one starts!

  • What’s the general reset time in the game?

    Time-limited features like Daily Login Bonus, Daily Offers, etc. are all reset or refreshed at 00:00AM UTC. Other events such as Tournament, Season Pass, also start based on the same timepoint. Make sure to come back again after that!

  • Can I link the game data to my social media account?

    Yes, you can sign in with your personal account such as Facebook. Of course, you may also play as a Guest and enjoy the game.

  • Can I transfer my game data to a new device?

    Yes. Once your game data is linked to your personal account (for instance, your Facebook account), you may sign in with the same account on a new device and continue your game progress.

  • Where do I find my User ID?

    Go to Home Screen > Setting > User Info

  • Is there anything I can do to reduce lags?

    Please try the following solutions.
    ・Try again with a better network environment
    ・Switch to another network (Wi-Fi/4G)
    ・Clear cache
    ・Restart the application
    ・Allocate more space to your device storage
    ・Close other applications in the background
    ・Adjutst Graphic Quality and Frame Rate in SETTING

  • What if my account is banned?

    Player accounts may be suspended due to any unusual activities detected or observed. If your account is suspended for unknown reasons, please reach out to INVICTUS team via Contact Us and provide your User ID.

  • Do the in-game gemstones expire?

    No, in-game gems do not expire.

  • What are the payment methods available for purchases?

    ・For iOS Devices
    You may purchase using the payment method registered under your Apple ID.

    ・For Android Devices
    You may purchase using the payment method displayed in Google Play Store.

    *In case of any queries regarding payment method or change of payment method, please contact the customer service team of Apple or Google depending on your OS.

  • What happens when you miss out logging into to the game within the 30 days of “Daily Tribute” purchase?

    You will forfeit the reward for that day, so please make sure to log in every day!

  • What happens if you buy “Daily Tribute” multiple times?

    You will get 300 Gems immediately, and the 30 days of getting 75 gems per day will add on (so if you buy 2 in a row, you will get the 75 gems per day for 60 days).